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Raffi D, 42


Transformation Coach

Rani is one of the most genuine and dedicated person I have come across in my life till date. She came into my life when I was at the edge of losing myself. I was alive for the people who could see me but in reality I was almost dead inside struggling emotionally, not knowing how to deal with my insecurities, fear, anxiety and many such feelings. I was in a state of mind where I could not eat, sleep, smile and so on. Life was stuck. I was struggling hard to look and behave normal to the people around me. It’s just been 20 days I have met her and started taking NLP sessions with her. Today I am able to sleep well, eat well, smile, laugh, anxiety level has majorly diminished and I have stepped towards leading a normal life. In fact, I have started realizing my self-worth and the importance of loving myself. She as an NLP coach took me as her responsibility by not only giving me a helping hand but she is still holding me and making sure that I stand strong and never fall again. Now life looks much better and promising.

All I want to say is that “she is the best help you could ever get to transform your life and build you to bring in the bests version of yourself”. She helped me believe in myself!! I have is intense gratitude towards her for helping me to get back on track of life

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