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Grow With Rani

Master Neuro Linguistic Practitioner & Certified Life Coach 


Coaching provided for the following:-


My Story

Having lived in the UAE since 1983, UAE is hometown to me. I have 25 plus years of experience in logistics and am a single mum of a 24-year-old. As they say what you seek is seeking you, during the lockdown of corona like many others, I started searching for answers of my existence, my purpose and meaning of life. I bumped into NLP accidentally and my journey towards transformation began. I realized I was wasting my life in the corporate jungle. I was made for a different purpose. I was glad I could find it finally. My dream is to find workable solutions that can help parents raise their children confidently and unstressed. Children are the most precious gift to humanity and I am glad I am finally doing it.

Connecting With Your Child

In today’s fast paced and techno-based environment human interactions have reduced considerably. The traditional reward and punishment based parenting will take a toll on both parents and children as the receiving and giving are from different dimensions. So as to receive the desired results new methods using NLP has been incorporated. Connect with me to learn and understand the new and conscious Parenting skills to bring about the needed connection and transformation in your child.


Mind & Body Healing

Majority of the illness in our body is caused when the body disconnects from the mind. Every pain or symptom is the body’s way of expressing the hurt it’s going through. Through NLP you can find the reason and the technique to heal it. Learning to read your body signals and taking control of the situation is real empowerment. All you need to heal is in you.

Let me help you channel that inner power to heal yourself.

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Get to Know Yourself

We are born with all the resources to be our best self. But how many of us have been able to tap into it? Have you found yourself looking into the many realms of life and got confused as to what we are to do on this earth? Then there are some of us who knows what we want in life but even after we try hard are unable to get there.

Are you wondering what this is all about?

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Connecting with your child
Hand and Leaf


To continue in the path of letting people finding the truth about themselves which will help transform their life and the lives associated with them. Allow them to free their mind from the complications on their lives with misled information passed down from generations. To create an environment that speaks the truth and brings in only peace instead of hatred, violence and misinterpreted reality.


As a life coach my vision for the world would be for each one of them to recognize their true self and move away from the hustling buzz of the external forces that deviates them from their true self and block them from fulfilling their life purpose using the many techniques of NLP and others.

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